Yacht Management

8 January 2019

Yacht Management Services

A professional approach to integrated yacht management. A yacht has to be professionally managed and maintained, budgets and expenditures have to be controlled, and everyday operations need to be in the hands of capable people.

Let the professionals at YACHTS INVEST ensure your yacht runs smoothly, leaving you to enjoy the pleasures of sailing freely and without constraints. We are used to working in close cooperation with captains and senior crew members to manage every aspect of the business.

This is why employing a yacht management company makes sense.

YACHTS INVEST has been providing international owners integrated and tailor-made yacht management services since its conception. Based in Cannes, we benefit from a close relationship with the European yacht operation, shipyards, port authorities and other actors and service providers in the industry. A comprehensive and cost-effective support solution with many years of expertise.

Our professional staff is fluent in English, Russian, French, Spanish and Italian.