Fine Yachts Provisioning

8 January 2019

Please download our price list in pdf format HERE

Why choose YACHTS INVEST as your exclusive, spirits, soft-drinks, consumables and fuel supplier? 

Our high-end products are indeed exceptional and can’t be found anywhere else, most brands are available immediately, but some may require an anticipated order.

Our boutique is called PRESTIGE VIP SHOP and features exclusive luxury products presented in partnership with: OLAXKAYA VODKA, OG BY LES EOLIERS, KROESUS CHAMPAGNE, COGNAC ANDRE PETIT & FILS and many others …

You can ask us for what you need, even if it’s not on our price list, and we’ll quote it rapidly.

Rare champagnes, wines & vintages are shipped directly from the Chateau in 48 or 72 hours in order to ensure the best storage conditions and the largest choice of vintages.

We do specialize in beverages so we can ensure to offer the best service at the best price, however, we can also provide most fresh consumables on board.

We’ve decided to keep our operating costs low in order to propose you attractive prices.

Our sommelier can propose you personal advice to start or develop your private wine cellar or can just help you to make the best choice in our catalog.

We work and deliver 24/7, 365 days per year and deliver on-board for your convenience, on the French Riviera but also throughout the Western Mediterranean.

Yachts Invest Luxury Yacht provisioning list with premium and exceptional products selected in partnership with Graf Valentin Von Vécsey.

The finest Diesel for your yacht: Through different partnerships, our Diesel oils, maritime Diesel & Diesel bonded products (blue Diesel), are high-end products with incomparable performance. We offer fuel delivery alongside at the most competitive prices. We also propose a wide selection of the most effective lubricants.

Our prices are ex-tax for charters, 20% VAT needs to be added for pleasure yachts